Earn your Yoga Alliance RYT-200/500 or CEUs from your HOME - On the WEEKENDS July 11-Oct 4 - All RYT Teacher Trainings $2,500 Contact: teachertraining@yahwehyoga.com
Earn Yoga Alliance RYT-200/500 or CEUs from HOME - On the WEEKENDS July 11-Oct 4 - All RYT @ $2,500 contact: teachertraining@yahwehyoga.com
Earn RYT-200/500 or CEUs from HOME. @ WEEKEND July 11-Oct 4 @ $2,500 teachertraining@yahwehyoga.com

Welcome to Yahweh Yoga!



Earn Your Yoga Alliance Accredited RYT-200; RYT-500 & CEUs


  • From Your Home – On the Weekends
  • July 11 – October 4, 2020
  • Once in a Lifetime Opportunity
  • All RYT Teacher Trainings $2,500


August 1-2, 2020 February 25th -26th, 2021
June 10th – 11th, 2021
September 14 – 15th, 2021


Contact: Teachertraining@yahwehyoga.com or Call 480.961.5429

Each day begins and ends with a beautiful Christ-centered meditation and yoga class. What a joy to know that the postures you’re practicing are correct…that you know and understand the modifications for each posture. How to use blocks, belts and blankets in creative ways to properly align for chronic ailments and conditions and to know you are doing so in a correct and healthy manner. Do you know what to do if you or a student suffers from Trauma, PTS, Anxiety…our skilled teachers will help you utilize and teach these skills with excellence.

Cueing is at the core of our teaching at Yahweh Yoga since it can make or break you as a teacher. We teach our students to cue scripture, postures and class with simplicity and precision so teachers don’t have to talk too much during class. This allows space and time during class for students to center with Christ and experience the inner-peace inherent in a beautifully taught yoga practice. Most surveys show that the main reason people come to a yoga class is to de-stress and develop inner-peace…cueing with minimal words helps accomplish this need in all of us.

Learn advanced postures safely and correctly. Experience an intriguing documentary on today’s yoga industry. Learn how the Christian faith and the practice of yoga are not only compatible with one another, when delivered in the Yahweh Yoga Christian Style, an even deeper level of intimacy with Christ and vibrant health can result.