Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity! Earn your Yoga Alliance accredited RYT-200 & RYT-500 all or part from Home. Huge Savings! Contact: teachertraining@yahwehyoga.com
Earn your RYT-200; RYT-500 yoga teacher credentials. Take all or part from the your Home begins July 11. contact: teachertraining@yahwehyoga.com
Earn RYT-200/500 or CEUs from HOME. Starts July 11. Huge Savings! teachertraining@yahwehyoga.com

Welcome to Yahweh Yoga!

Exciting News

Dear Friends,

The winds of change are upon us. Everything is NEW since last week’s announcements and notifications…for the better!

Please disregard all prior Once In-A-Lifetime Opportunity notifications that we have recently sent you. Yoga Alliance has now approved Live Stream Trainings through September 30th.

This means you can take our RYT-200; RYT-500 & CEU Programs on the weekends at HOME! We no longer have to deliver our program 14-consecutive days in light of this special and temporary adjustment by Yoga Alliance.

So many of you have encouraged us to do this as some are going back to work and/or have children at home and can more easily get help with child-care on the weekends.

Plus, we are offering all RYT trainings for $2,500!  See Details below.

Here are the NEW weekend (Saturday/Sunday) dates:

July 11-12, 2020

July 18-19, 2020

July 25-26, 2020

Aug. 1-2, 2020

Aug. 8-9, 2020

Aug. 15-16, 2020

Aug. 22-23, 2020

Aug. 29-30, 2020

Sept. 5-6, 2020

Sept. 12-13, 2020

Sept. 19-20, 2020

Sept. 26-27, 2020


Eastern Standard Time: 9:30AM -7:30PM

Mountain Standard Time: 7:30AM- 5:30PM

Pacific Time Zone: 6:30AM – 4:30PM

Central Time Zone: 8:30AM-6:30PM

We hope you will join us for Yahweh Yoga’s “Once In-A-Lifetime Opportunity” to earn your Yoga Alliance accredited YYT/RYT-200; YYT/RYT-500 & CEUs…at Home!


To meet the temporary provisions for our scheduled RYT-200 & RYT-500 for the remainder of 2020, Yoga Alliance has approved Live Streaming of our RYT certifications in light of Covid 19.

This is truly a Once In-A-Lifetime Opportunity and people are excited about this! Word has been getting out and we are receiving a high volume of interest and calls. We are beyond delighted to receive your emails and calls and ask that you please carefully read the information within this announcement so you have an understanding of the basics. This will greatly assist us in better serving you.

Is this course absolutely accredited by Yoga Alliance?

Yes, please click on this link to view The Yoga Alliance approval letter for this class only. https://www.yahwehyoga.com/yoga-alliance-approval-letter/ 


Is this course an online course?

No, this is not an online course; this is a Live Streamed course in real time. The course is exactly the same one we deliver in person, with the same amazing teachers delivering it. A few of things are online, but minimally. You will do some testing online and watch two pertinent documentaries on Netflix. If you don’t have Netflix you can sign up for a free 30-day trial.


What is the platform for streaming?

Zoom will be the platform. It will be professionally set-up for lighting and sound. If students and/or teachers have issues, we will have someone available to help you with your issues. Our digital manager will send you a step-by-step sheet on how to set-up Zoom from your end as we draw closer to the beginning date. We will also have a practice login run the day prior to school starting on July 11th.


What is an overview of the RYT-200 Program…What do program days cover?

 Please click on https://www.yahwehyoga.com/new-ceu-programs/

What if I’m already registered for RYT-200 in June/September Sessions and/or RYT-500 in July OR new and want to have a hands-on experience in person?

You can do both if you like! You can earn your certification this year and next year when things return to normal, you may attend any posted session that meets your needs at no extra tuition costs if you are currently enrolled in June/July/September sessions.  If you are a new student, you have the option of attending the first 3-Days of any posted session in 2021 to meet everyone and enjoy some days with us.

If you are local and want to attend in person during Live Streamed trainings, you are invited.

Can I take just a few days if I only want to study some courses and get my CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for Yoga Alliance or other fitness CEUs (if they accept YA CEUs – you will have to check with individuals fitness providers)?

Yes, absolutely. For example, if you want to take our fabulous Healthy Living and Eating CEU only, that is perfectly acceptable. Simply contact us and we will send you an enrollment form.


If I’m not interested in teaching but would love to take the training and/or have the education from a particular course offered, may I simply take the CEU 2-Day workshops for educational purposes only?

Yes, 100% simply email us at teachertraining@yahwehyoga.com and we will send you an enrollment form for the 2-Day Workshops you want.


What is the cost of Tuition for Online Only Students and Online Graduates?

All tuition for RYT-200 & RYT-500 has been reduced to $2,500 to help with these Covid-19 times. If you are an online student and/or online graduate, you may put whatever you paid toward your tuition of $2,500.  There are no other discounts for Online students & Online graduates.

 Are there Payment Plans?

Total Tuition is $2,500. Yes, as always. Payment Plan is 1/3 down upon enrollment $833 with balance to be paid in 6- equal no-interest monthly payments $277, if you need a little more time let us know. Payments are auto-deducted the 1st of each month beginning with the month following the 1/3 down you paid upon enrollment. There is one caveat: All tuition must be paid in full for us to approve your registration with Yoga Alliance. To be clear, you totally earn your RYT-200; RYT-500 and/or CEU and can begin teaching upon graduation the end of September however, we can only approve your certification status with Yoga Alliance (so they can list you formally on their website as a teacher, after your tuition has been paid in full. This is our standard YA policy for graduates. 2% additional discount for payment in full.


 Do you have any other incentives for Online & RYT Graduates?

Yes, of course! We would never leave out our treasured graduates from a great deal. If graduates post our announcement to their social media and ask their friends/followers to do the same, there is a “Referral Gift” of $100 for each new enrollment they refer. Referrals must be new students.


What if I have more questions or want to enroll?

Simply email us teachertraining@yahwehyoga.com . This is the one and only time you will ever have this opportunity (unless God forbid we have another virus outbreak)!

How do I enroll?

Simply email us for an enrollment form and we will send it to you. Please enroll ASAP so we can plan on the number of students we will have and order books and manuals in plenty of time to mail out to everyone by start of class on July 11th. There is a limit to how many we can have in each class for Zoom, so enrolling promptly after making your decision will ensure your space availability.


Will Yahweh Yoga supply directions and technical assistance for Zoom?

Yes! We will have a login get-together a day or two prior to the beginning of the course. During the course, if you have questions on your end technically we will have someone to help you.

There are so many people who would love to know and take advantage of the Once- in-a-Lifetime offer. Would you kindly forward our announcement to friends and family you think may be interested please? Also, would you please post to your social media with a note to your followers?

Please let us know how we can further assist you.

Peace, Love and Health in Christ,

Yahweh Yoga Team