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Celebrating 15-Years of Leadership, Excellence & Integrity in Professional Yoga Teacher Training & Whole Health Lifestyle

Yahweh Yoga Christian Yoga Teacher Trainings are for those interested in living a lifetime of “Whole Health”…Emotional, Physical & Spiritual…and desire to share this lifestyle with others, whether through teaching yoga, personal example – or both, regardless of personal religious beliefs. All graduates are able to teach at the highest professional levels when they graduate in any environment/ venue they choose… some want to teach, some don’t… …Christian and non-Christian alike. One never knows where God calls us to teach; homes, studios, churches, hospitals, retreats, etc. When you graduate from a Yahweh Yoga Christian Yoga Teacher Training you will be absolutely confident in your ability to teach and you will be confident that you have learned how to practice yoga, live a lifestyle that promotes healthy living and the internal motivation to make a permanent shift to living a healthy, joyful and fulfilling lifestyle. All ages and fitness levels are welcome.

At the heart of the Yahweh Yoga teacher training experience is our Blessed Redeemer Jesus Christ. Each morning begins with Christian meditation and an amazing yoga class filled with worship that draws you closer in your personal relationship with Christ. Teacher training classes are filled with Believers at all stages of their faith walk. Some students are mature in their faith walk, some are seekers and/or Believers who have turned away when life hit rough patches. Every student has we have ever taught has experienced a profound spiritual awakening or strengthening while in training, which has changed the courses of their lives. We believe all of our students are gifted individuals who want to draw closer to God as they further develop the Fruits of the Spirit within themselves, which fulfills their heart’s desire to become a healthier person and help others every day of their lives. The end of each day brings a Restorative Class where His peace and quiet are felt. The Bible and The Yahweh Yoga Philosophy guide these daily captivating experiences and are designed to encourage complete trust in God for all things and circumstances in our lives.

Yahweh Yoga programs are taught by the best of the best! Our staff of teachers are highly credentialed and widely recognized as experts in their areas of expertise. They are also filled with the love of Christ. Your teachers include the first Christian Yoga Ambassador and Athlete of Influence for Lululemon Athletic Wear, the author of The Yahweh Yoga Philosophy, a Naturopathic Doctor with a master’s in Iyengar Yoga Therapy, a Physical Therapist that makes Anatomy & Physiology fun, a pastor who moves your heart and soul closer to Christ, experienced, credentialed yoga experts in Postures and Alignment Principles, Aroma Therapy, Eating for Wellness, the Yoga Industry, Cueing, Modifications, Sequencing, Emotional IQ, Veterans, Trauma, Addiction, Abuse, Keys to Successful Relationships with students and others, How to earn a living teaching yoga. As graduates always say….Yahweh Yoga Teacher Training Programs are “SO much more than yoga.”

Our business is a mother/daughter business established in 2005, we have an average of 5-Star rating with Yoga Alliance as well as the only Christian yoga school with a specific style of yoga sanctioned by Yoga Alliance named after our company, “Yahweh Yoga Style Yoga” similar to Bikrim; Anusara; Ashtanga style yoga.

Classes daily are from 8AM-6PM daily (we go straight through the weekend)… (some days differ if we go on a hike or something special, but that is generally the schedule). The most common feedback we hear is “When I left I knew I was a teacher.” which is our goal. The training is fascinating, robust and loving.

Our Teacher Training home is within the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, where we head their Yoga Program for Doctors/ Students/Staff www.scnm.edu. The school is beautiful, complete with classrooms, yoga studio and café as well as medical clinics. Our partnership is natural because we are all devoted to a peaceful mind and whole health. Address is: 2140 E Broadway Rd, Tempe, AZ 85282.

We are not affiliated with any particular Christ-centered religious denomination and welcome all who seek to draw closer in intimacy with Christ through the practice of Yahweh Yoga and healthy living.

We are a Bible based school and believe every word in the Bible is Truth. Yahweh Yoga was established in 2005 for the purpose of helping His people enjoy the extraordinary health and vitality benefits of a lifestyle lived; regularly practicing Yahweh Yoga style yoga, eating/drinking healthy organic whole foods and living a lifestyle that is emotionally peaceful and centered in Christ at it’s core.