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Yoga Alliance Approval Letter

Hi DeAnna and Courtney,

I hope things are shaping up for the better over in Arizona. I have great news for you, we are allowing extensions beyond 9/30 for the online provision. We will be sharing an announcement soon to the community today or tomorrow.  However,  in order to receive an extension you will need to log into your school dashboard and complete a request form.  In fact you may log on now to complete this should you wish.  The form is very simple and user friendly.  One thing to note, as you begin to kick off your fall/winter programs all online training should be completed by 12/31/20.

Once logged in:

  1. Locate section “Online Provision Extension Request,” this should be at the top of your page.
  2. Select submit request
  3. Complete the form and select submit.

I hope this has addressed your concerns and restore some comfort. Please let me know if  you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact me directly.


“Wishing your family, community and you- the best in health and wellbeing! We’re in this together, and we will make it through this storm, united and embraced by a brighter future to come”.

Felix Rucker
Member Support Representative
(888) 921-9642